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Thanks for following Lemon Hound. The blog began in 2005 and was a single author blog and ran that way until 2010. Some of those earlier posts are now archived offline and are available in Unleashed, the text version of the blog published via BookThug. You can find Sina Queyras here.

Guest bloggers have included Nick Thran, Kaplan Harris, Ray Hsu and Sachiko Murakami, derek beaulieu. Current and occasional bloggers are Nikki Reimer, Helen Hajnoczky, Michael Nardone, Michael Turner, Jeff Thompson, Vanessa Place and Lisa Robertson.

Sina Queyras is founder and Editor in Chief.

Call for Reviews from Laura Broadbent, Reviews editor: 

You are familiar with the text, you have read it twice, thrice or you have at least performed a close reading of a couple of poems, or you have considered the work in terms of the author’s oeuvre, or the canon within which it speaks, or you address the dialogue it begs of other canons, if applicable. Check out the list of interviews On Reviewing, also over at Constant Critic,  Poetry and Believer. We are looking for diversity, not sameness. Take downs if they can walk the talk, are welcome, as well as straight up enjoyment of the text and whatever in between you can do with style.

Like or don't like isn't the point. If you can do this in under 1500 words we want you. Queries and samples to Laura at reviewslemonhound (@) gmail.com. 

If you are interested in contacting LH, or in contributing How Poems Work essay you can do so at lemonhound (@) yahoo.ca.

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