Sunday, June 12, 2011

Music for Writers 5: A music slowly changed by many twittering people

Slowly Changed By Many People from Christopher Willes on Vimeo.

Toronto composer/sound artist Christopher Willes writes about Slowly Changed By Many People

I’m working on a sound installation right now that’s basically using some homemade software to stream information from twitter (based on keywords provided by the viewer(s) ) and then converting that text into sound in various ways. I like this idea of a piece of music that is beginning continually created in real-time through associations between people and the internet. It’s strange to see what words make connections between people all over the world and the wide variety of interpretations each word can bring forward. The following video is a screen capture showing the software running – please listen at a low volume, and with headphones if you can… (oh! and look at it in fullscreen to read the texts… if you so please.)

Another music/Twitter exploration by Willes. Sentences from twitter containing the word voice are streamed in real time and read by a robot:

VOICE from Christopher Willes on Vimeo.